Hitting a baseball is the most difficult skill in all of sports. At Top Prospect Baseball Academy, we have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to help you excel in this area. Our one-on-one and small group training sessions will advance your hitting mechanics, improve your consistency and give you visible results. Our unique combination of hitting instruction, video analysis, and mental game training will provide you with the necessary tools to succeed.

We only provide monthly lessons, because we believe that in one lesson a player will not retain the information that we provide them with, and the drills we use will need lots of reps to be able to fix Their hitting, defense and pitching.

Customized Instruction:

Too often hitting instructors utilize a cookie-cutter approach when training baseball players. At Top Prospect Baseball Academy, each lesson is catered to the individual needs of the hitter. Instruction is available for beginning/intermediate through advanced/elite skill levels. Technological advances in video recording equipment allow batters to view a complete breakdown of their mechanics, split the screen and compare their swing with MLB hitters. We use cutting edge computer swing analysis to help our players understand and correct common mistakes. Listed below, you will find the top 5 mistakes that we encounter with young hitters. These mechanical mistakes are often the root cause of poor hitting performance:

  1. 1) Dropping the back shoulder or front shoulder “hiking”
  2. 2) Long swing (loss of bat speed and power)
  3. 3) Poor “tracking” – pulling eyes/head off the ball before contact
  4. 4) Dragging the back hip through the zone
  5. 5) Untimely wrist/hand action at/through contact with the ball.

Your customized hitting lesson plan may include:

  • Initial swing evaluation
  • Bat speed training
  • Swing path consistency
  • Developing power through rotational movement (controlling how the hips and shoulders are used to maximize power)
  • Timing and vision (improving pitch selection and identification)
  • Hitting to all 3 fields
  • Off-speed pitches (curveball, changeup, slider, etc.)
  • Pitch selection and plate discipline
  • Mental approach to hitters/pitchers counts
  • Computerized swing analysis

Mental Game of Hitting:

Each of the “physical” components listed above can be dramatically affected by irrelevant thoughts, distractions and poor concentration, which makes the “mental” game of baseball an important qualifying factor for success. This is where the dirt road meets the pavement, therefore many of our clients add customized mental game training sessions to their lesson plan. Here are some common mental game mistakes that we observe regularly:

  • Overactive “Busy” Brain – not being able to tune out distractions
  • Underactive Brain – “lazy” focus or daydreaming
  • Lack of aggressiveness
  • Lack of confidence
  • Self-critical (becoming overly emotional when performing poorly)

The Mental Game: A Unique Service

Both the physical and mental factors listed above can be trained. Many hitting instructors recognize the importance of the mental side but do not include comprehensive training techniques to truly help hitters with this critical part of the game. Learning the mental side of hitting is critical for players at every skill level.