Many players make the mistake of training in a one-dimensional fashion – they work long hours on hitting or pitching, but do not build their fielding and throwing skills. Expanding your fielding skills will make you a well-rounded player, therefore, increasing your versatility and value as a player.

We only provide monthly lessons, because we believe that in one lesson a player will not retain the information that we provide them with, and the drills we use will need lots of reps to be able to fix Their hitting, defense and pitching.

Customized Instruction:

Our fielding instructors come to you. You set up an agreed upon time and meeting place for your individual, small group and team fielding lessons. At Baseball Development Lab, the lessons are catered to the individual needs of each player. Instruction is available for beginning/intermediate through advanced/elite skill levels.

Fielding Lessons will cover:

  • Proper mechanics to build throwing strength and accuracy
  • Basic foot-work for infield and outfield play
  • Foot-work for turning double plays from multiple positions
  • Foot-work for slow rollers, back-hand, fore-hand
  • Cut-offs and relays
  • Position-specific skills (i.e catcher, corner positions)